Our Initiatives


CSR Initiatives

Not only can performing arts enable businesses or individuals to understand their cultural, social, political, economic and natural environments, they can work with business to develop creative ways to address these issues.


B2B Initiatives

We help our fellow performing arts institutes and communities grow and prosper via our large global network. 


Artist Initiatives

We work to team our member Artists up with arts organisations and other artists to develop solutions in areas such as sponsorships, commissioning, brand development, training, leadership development, internal and external communications and events.

To those who are helping us bring this vision to life, THANK YOU. This is just the beginning and we are so excited!

We believe that art should be accessible no matter the distance and/or circumstances. Creativity has no boundary. Through innovation, we have revolutionized the delivery of our programs, ensuring the needs of artistic collaboration and learning are met.

The power of the performing arts is to create a sense of shared community

Ready to take the next step? Partnering with AKS Art India is not only an amazing artistic journey through your performing art discipline, but also one that intertwines with your everyday life allowing you to discover who you are.

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