About us

Supporting of Performing Arts is a core part of our organisational structure

AKS Art celebrates the essential power of the theatre and performing arts to illuminate our common humanity by shining a light on unity in diversity

We expect that if you are here, you are a performer, or know of one. Or perhaps performing is your dream, your passion, your everything. If that’s you, let’s work together.

So who are we? We are performers. We are creatives. We are teachers. We are dreamers, believers, stay up until 3am with our crazy idea types.

And we want to change the game for young, upcoming performers.

We want to create an artistic process that brings together professional expectations with an off the chain, amazing, can’t stop singing about it in the shower learning environment.

To bring together the professional arts hub with World’s best talent.

Anil Kumar Singh
Founder : AKS Art

Anil Kumar Singh is an Indian artists and choreographer, specializing in performing arts. Anil is a Visharad Purna, in classical dance “Bharatnatyam” under his Gurus Late Shri J.S. Bansal & Sumitra Raj. He is professionally trained in Indian Folk & Rabindrik dances from Guru Shri Dr. Tushar Guha (Nrityanjali) for more than 25 years and has performed on over 1000 prestigious shows across India & globally.

He runs his ‘AKS Art Foundation’ in Mumbai and holds dance workshops both in India and abroad. He is revered as one of the most influential contributors to modern performance arts. His masterpieces continue to amaze the dance world with their originality and use of every day movements, and many agree his company is uncomparable.

Vision & Mission

AKS Art offers the highest level of performing arts instruction, scholarly engineered with a world-class vision that fosters artistic excellence, discipline and professional development while cultivating an appreciation and passion for the performing arts in our community and beyond. 

We anticipate that students will choose to come to our institution for many reasons. Our foundation is based on the following principles:

EXPLORATION – By exploring the performing arts discipline, artists will also intrinsically explore themselves, discovering more about who they are.

LEARNING – To learn is to acquire knowledge by means of experience, study and/or being taught. Subsequently, during the process of learning a performing arts discipline, students will also learn more about themselves and apply the knowledge to other areas of their lives.

EXPRESSION – Through exploration and learning of a performing arts discipline, artists will boost their emotional intelligence allowing them to freely express how they feel through the performing arts discipline. They can then use this enhancement to better navigate their emotional expression in everyday life.

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AKS Art Envisions a thriving arts ecosystem that benefits individuals and communities globally


Our Initiatives

AKS Arts is a creative and educational hub for Music, Theatre, Dance and Musical Theatre, allowing for exploration, creating and training, individually and collaboratively while fostering a community of exceptional creative performing artists.

We are focussed around the personal development of the artist beyond performing arts.

AKS Art prepares artists with the best resources and knowledge to have a successful future in dance and dance-related fields.